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I'll be your secret weapon.

After having been in countless weddings, I found my creative niche in helping plan the “forever memories”. From the theme and games at bachelorettes, to the color scheme and centerpieces at a reception, I have always been everyone’s go-to girl.

After a while, I found myself searching for companies that would allow me to use my expertise in all things “bride”, but I couldn’t find anywhere that took you from engagement to aisle. And thus: Bridal Bliss by Design was born.  

My goal is to be the fairy godmother to your maid of honor and your personal breath of fresh air. My job is to take away all the added stress that comes with planning a wedding. Let me do all the “heavy lifting” to give you your happily ever after.

From your last few single nights, to your first night with a new name, I will be your secret weapon.

So what are you waiting for?! Book a FREE consultation today!


Owner/ Founder

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